About Hermis Haridas

Hermis Haridas is a remarkable individual with a passion for both photography and nature conservation. Here’s a summary of his life and accomplishments:

  1. Career in Dubai: In 2007, Hermis relocated to Dubai, where he started a career in the IT industry, fulfilling his professional aspirations.

  2. Background and Education: Hermis hails from Kerala, India, known for its natural beauty. He studied computer science in Bangalore before embarking on his journey abroad in search of better job opportunities.

  3. Photography Passion: Within a year of living in Dubai, Hermis discovered his love for photography, which soon became a significant part of his life.

  4. Travel Enthusiast: Hermis combined his passion for photography with his love for travel, exploring exotic wildlife locations in Africa, Russia, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the Arabian deserts.

  5. Founder of Paws Trails: In 2014, Hermis along with another internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer Nisha Purushothaman established Paws Trails, an organization aimed at connecting people to nature through photography and art. Their primary mission is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving nature. They believe that if an image can inspire someone to take a small step to protect the vanishing beauties, why not?

  6. Global Impact: Paws Trails has grown to involve more than 150 volunteers worldwide. The organization publishes two monthly magazines and conducts various activities such as workshops, exhibitions, seminars, and wildlife photography courses in exotic locations. Till now Paws Trails have a track record of completing 68 editions of magazines, 400 plus photography workshops, 36 photography exhibitions, 280 seminars, and 100 plus photography tours.

  7. Commitment to Conservation: Hermis made a significant commitment to conservation by resigning from his IT job in 2017 to devote his entire life to Paws Trails.

  8. Community Outreach: As part of his commitment to giving back to the community, Hermis offers free photography workshops in the UAE on weekends, helping enthusiasts hone their skills.

  9. Recognition: Hermis’s photography work has gained recognition from major publications like National Geographic, WWF, BBC, and Discovery, showcasing his talent and dedication to nature photography.

  10. Co-founder of Mara Trails Camp: Hermis also co-founded Mara Trails Camp, an eco-friendly camp located in the heart of Masai Mara, Kenya. This initiative aims to support the local Masai community by providing assistance to over 1000 students through school fees, uniforms and daily meals. The organization also empowers women in collaboration with the local community.

Hermis Haridas’ journey from a computer science graduate to a dedicated nature photographer and conservationist is an inspiring example of following one’s passion and making a positive impact on the world through photography and environmental activism. His work with Paws Trails and Mara Trails Camp demonstrates his commitment to preserving nature and supporting communities in need.