About Hermis Haridas

Hermis is from Kerala, an area of India recognized as God’s own country and one of the most stunning places on earth. He was born in the small village of Chemmarathur, Vatakara, in Calicut district of Kerala. One of his interests was driving through and exploring various parts of Kerala whenever he needed to unwind. Hermis has always had a fascination for traveling. He was then joined by a film camera that his cousin had gifted him. After graduating with a degree in computer science from Bangalore, he left the nation in search of a decent job opportunity.

Hermis relocated to Dubai in 2007 and was able to start a career in which he had always been interested. He was given the chance to demonstrate his web development abilities. He was able to enter the huge field of web development within a year. As a Technical Engineer, he oversaw the creation of websites, back-end development, including CMS, server and domain management, social media management, SEO, and more. After a year of residing in Dubai, Hermis began honing his photography talents, which over time developed into a second interest alongside travel, which in turn became a significant aspect of his life.

Hermis became quite interested in nature photography because he enjoyed capturing the movements of animals and birds. He frequently travels to various UAE areas in an effort to capture moments that have never been recorded before. He had the chance to learn about the finer points of wildlife photography through his travels to exotic wildlife locations, such as the continents of Africa, Russia, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka and the Arabian deserts.

Paws Trails is a global platform that Hermis founded in 2014 with his closest friend Nisha Purushothaman to bring people closer to nature. The primary goal of Paws Trails is to increase public awareness of the value of protecting and conserving nature. These two nature lovers founded it, and now it involves more than 100 volunteers all across the world. In addition to publishing two online monthly magazines, Paws Trails travels to various exotic locations across the world to host photographic workshops, exhibitions, awareness-raising seminars, and wildlife photography courses. Hermis resigned his employment in the technology sector in 2017 and relocated to devote his entire life to Paws Trails.

Hermis offers free photography workshops on the weekends for enthusiasts who wish to hone their photographic abilities as part of his commitment to giving back to the community. Major publications including National Geographic, WWF, BBC, Discovery, etc. have featured his work. In order to help the Masai community, Hermis has founded an eco-friendly camp named Mara Trails in the middle of Masai Mara. About 1000 students are supported by Mara Trails throughout the Masai Mara settlements, and the organization collaborates with the locals to empower women.